About Me

I create work with an emphasis on fine details, aesthetics and typography. My work extends over both print and digital mediums. For more information or collaborations please get in touch.

Art Direction
Web Design


I was contracted by Circa to capture the movement and expression of Hopscotch, a contemporary circus performance that took place at the Judith Right Centre of Performing Arts. The performance was fast moving, in a dark environment that demanded constant attention to every scene. The movement was captured through photography, which branched into the branding, event catalogue, website design and web banners. It was important that the creative outcome worked over both print and digital forms whilst maintaining the same feeling and connection through each platform.

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Yolonda Wines

Yolonda Wines was designed to explore the expression of wine through broken and disintegrating design. The graphic elements simply identify each wine type with its own memorable shape and the taste associated with each bottle. Through the use of projection photography, the supporting poster designs communicate the physical moods and feelings of Yolonda Wines. With the use of silver foiling onto a white label, it introduces both sophistication and elegance that supports the overall design and message being communicated to the audience.

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The Coffee Warehouse

The Coffee Warehouse is a Rebranding project for a business based in Sydney. The project goal was to highlight each coffee bean showcasing it’s unique features, individual tastes and origin. As coffee beans are usually viewed in such large numbers, the idea of singling out and highlighting each type of bean created an immediate attraction to knowing more about the individual taste of coffee. The bold line illustrations throughout the project give the viewer a sense of play whilst also showcasing the products and services that the business provides.

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ES Events

Emily Southerden Events was a client project where I was briefed to create a logo design, letterhead, business card, presentation folder and envelope. The project goal was to present a clean, confident and professional brand, while highlighting a feminine aesthetic. It was crucial that each brand item supported one another while also having the ability to stand confidently on its own.

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Typeface & Designer

Typeface & Designer is a specifically designed book that aligns typeface with its designer. The book has been designed with consistent elements that guide the reader through the content. Typeface & Designer is typeset in Taslant, a modified sans-serif typeface.

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Kiko Lights

Kiko lights presents an aesthetically pleasing hand-crafted product created using a combination of urban and natural materials. The design and production process has been tailored to ensure each product has its own unique concrete texture and wood grain. The lamps fabricated cord, inline switch, 25W filament globe and structural composition ensure both functionality and safety. In a world full of mass production there is nothing greater than a handcrafted product.

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